Digital is out of home 2.0

Clear Channel

Launch party with Extraordinary Elements

In September 2017, we transformed the workshop space at A House into a digital launch studio with a visual 360-degree system as a backdrop. We invited 300 guests into our digital world to be part of a highly exciting program full of surprises and the launch of the new product. In collaboration with Mediatec and Clear Channel, a unique setup was created where the entire venue transformed through the content on screens, weaving sound, light, and visuals in a way that eyes and ears were not accustomed to.

Musse Hasselvall guided the guests between music acts by young pioneers. The event featured contemporary dance, lectures, and fantastic food served by Paul Svensson (Fotografiska) and Roy Fares, while colorful drinks were served by Juiceverket. On stage, artists like Sabina Ddumba and Oskar Linnros set the venue on fire later in the evening.