Rusta Days


Rusta Days

The first time Eventum produced a kickoff for Rusta was in 2015 – Rustadagarna – a concept that has evolved during the years 2016-2019 to become an international event, as Rusta expanded beyond Sweden’s borders. Rusta is now represented with stores in Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Germany.

When the pandemic struck, we created a new concept, Rusta Magazine, a digital forum for all Rusta employees globally. During the same period, we also produced a digital format called Rusta News aimed at the store employees, presenting upcoming season news and features. The film productions from our physical and digital events serve as training material and onboarding for new employees long after the events.

Our close and long partnership is characterized by open communication, trust, and respect, which is appreciated by both parties.

Rusta Days 2024 was a kickoff that physically brought the employees together and was, to say the least, a production with all the extras. Rewarding conversations both on stage and among the participants were followed by world-class entertainment, led by host Doreen Månsson.